Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the information you’ll need to give us… 

Getting Started

This page provides a quick overview of the steps to open your account and the information that you will need during the process.  Click "Next" once you have all the required information to open your account.

    The system auto-populates the Account Category and Account Type fields. Click "Next" to proceed.

    This page is optional; however, answering the questions will help our team better serve your needs. Once you are finished, click "Next."

    This is where you, the Account Owner/Participant, will enter your basic information. As the Account Owner, you will control all aspects of the account. Please provide us with your

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender (if applicable)
    • For individuals, your SNN / For organizations, your TIN
    • Full physical address
    • Full mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Email address

    On this page, you will be prompted to name a Successor Owner/Participant Appointee. A Successor Owner assumes the rights and responsibilities of the Account Owner, in the event of death or legal incompetence. You will need to provide the following information for the Successor Owner:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Relationship to Account Owner
    • SSN
    • Full physical address
    • Full mailing address
    • Phone number
    • Email address

    Since you may only name one Successor Owner, this page has been auto-populated to assign 100% ownership to your Successor Owner in the event that you are no longer able to maintain it yourself.

    This is where you get to tell us who you’re saving for! We will need the following information from you about the beneficiary of your TNStars account:

    • Full name
    • Date of birth
    • Relationship to Account Owner
    • SSN
    • Full address
    • Phone number

    Here, you will be asked to choose your username and password. Additionally, you will be prompted to set up security questions and a security image.

    Go green with TNStars! Here you can choose to receive account statements as well as financial and non-financial transaction confirmation via email. Once you have selected which document types you want to receive electronically, read and accept the terms and conditions before moving to the next step.

    On this page, you will be asked to choose how you would like to invest contributions to your TNStars Account. To learn about the various types of investments options that are available, review our Investment Options page.

    In the drop down menu next to "Select Investment Options," selecting "BOTH" will give you access to both aged-based and self-selected investment options. Once you’ve selected both, the "Add New Funds" section will populate with each available investment options. Add as many different options as you’d like, then enter the percentage of your contributions you would like invested in each fund under the "Allocation Percent" section of the table. The sum of these percentages must equal 100%.

    Keep in mind that there is a minimum contribution of $25 per investment option. That means that if you choose to invest in 4 different investment options, allocating 25% to each, you will need to contribute $25.00 to each of them for a grand total of $100.

    Once you have chosen your funds and determined allocation percentages, click "Next."

    How will you being making your initial contribution to open your account? You have 4 options: "Bank," "Check," "Rollover," and "Not at this Time."

    Again, keep in mind there is a minimum contribution of $25 per investment option.

    If you choose "Check," enter the amount of the check that you will be sending into the box, and mail your contribution to our office at TNStars College Savings 529 Program; P.O. Box 198801; Nashville, TN 37219.

    If you choose "Rollover," enter the approximate amount that will be rolled over from another 529 Plan.  Once you have created your TNStars account, you will need to complete and submit a Rollover Form to complete the rollover process.

    And if you choose "Bank," you will be able to contribute directly from your checking or savings account. You will be prompted to enter your account information, which includes all of the following:

    • Routing number
    • Bank name
    • Bank account owner
    • Bank account number
    • Bank account type (savings/checking)

    Saving is easier when you make it automatic! At the bottom of this page, you can click to set up an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP) to make recurring contributions from a checking or savings account.

    Once you have review the information provided, check the box certifying that all the information is correct and then click "Next."  If you selected to create an AIP, set up will continue on the next page.

    You will only see this page if you elected to create an Automatic Investment Plan (AIP).

    First, tell us the frequency with which you wish to make contributions. Next, provide the date of your initial contribution as well as the amount you will to contribute each time.

    At the bottom of the page, you will see a dropdown menu where you can choose the bank account that you want to use for your AIP contributions.  If you selected “Bank” as the source of your initial contribution to open your account, you may select it from the drop down menu, or input the information from a different checking or savings account.

    On this screen, review the information you have entered in order to ensure accuracy. Once you have made sure all of your information is correct, click "Next."

    Before you finish, please read and agree to the policies, terms, and conditions. Once you have read the legal statements on this page, check each box indicating that you understand and accept the terms. After checking all boxes, click "Submit."

    Congratulations! You’re ready to start planning and saving for your beneficiary’s future. You should receive a Welcome Letter in the mail soon with your account number and instructions for setting up online access to manage your account.


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