The Tennessee Investments Preparing Scholars (TIPS) program was created to encourage families of all income levels to save for the growing costs associated with post-secondary education. Here's how it works... 

4-to-1 Match

A program of the Tennessee Treasury Department, TIPS is a matching grant program offering incentives to participate in the TNStars® College Savings 529 Program to Tennessee residents meeting certain household income requirements. When a qualifying family establishes a TNStars® account and enrolls a beneficiary in the TIPS program, the state will provide a 4-to-1 matching contribution. That’s $100 for every $25 contributed by the account holder. Beneficiaries can receive a maximum match of $500 per year for up to three years.

If you are a Tennessee resident and your income does not exceed the specified limits, you may qualify for a 4-to-1 match for college savings.

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  1. Visit the TIPS page on the Tennessee Department of Treasury Website.

  2. Complete and return the TIPS application.

  3. Submit a tax return or transcript for each income earner in the household.



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