If you would like to move away from your current 529 plan and take advantage of the many benefits that come with a TNStars account, you’re in the right place! We make it easy to roll over funds from other 529 programs into TNStars.

To initiate a rollover from another 529 plan for the entire account balance or a partial amount, you must complete and submit a Rollover Form to TNStars.

How to Fill Out Your Rollover Form

Section 1: Include information for your TNStars account you will be rolling funds into.

Section 2: Include information for your existing 529 plan account, which is the source of your rollover. If you do not know the Basis and Earnings information, you may leave that section blank.

Section 3: Sign your name to authorize TNStars to act on your behalf in contacting your current 529 plan manager to initiate the rollover.

Section 4: Leave this section blank unless you are not the account holder for the existing 529. A signature guarantee may be required by your current program manager. Contact your program manager to determine if a signature guarantee is required.

Note: The IRS allows only one tax-free rollover of a 529 account per beneficiary in a 12-month period. Refer to IRS Publication 970 for more information on this. However, there is no restriction on the number of times you can rollover a 529 plan to a "member of the family" of the beneficiary. You may refer to IRS Publication 970 p.51 for clarity regarding the definition of "member of the family."

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