Trade Toys for Tuition!

In celebration of our 5-year anniversary, TNStars is making the holidays even brighter by giving you up to $500 more toward college. From November 13th through December 29th, Tennessee residents can get 5% extra on top of what you give to your new or existing account.*

That’s an extra 5% on all amounts contributed to your TNStars account, up to a $500 total gift this holiday season.*

Whether from a parent or as a gift from a relative, all contributions made to your child’s account now through December 29th are eligible to receive the special holiday incentives from TNStars! To make the most of this special incentive, encourage friends and family to trade toys for tuition this holiday.

Give Online:

Once you login to your TNStars account, navigate to “Investment Plan Management” located under the drop down menu for "Accounts Financial Management" to make a one-time contribution or to set up periodic contributions.

Give by Mail:

You can send a personal check to contribute to your TNStars account to the address below.

P.O. Box 198801
Nashville, TN 37219

Remember to include the account number and name of the account beneficiary in the memo line. If contributing to multiple accounts, include instructions with the amount to be contributed to each account. Cashier's Checks and Starter Checks are not accepted.

Send Gifting Invitations:

Through your TNStars account, you can send custom gifting invitations to friends and family who want to give your child the gift of education.

Step 1: Login to your TNStars account

Step 2: Use the "Gifting" tab to select "Create a Gift Invitation"

Step 3: On this page you will be asked to identify the accounts and the invitees. Use the drop-down menu for the account you wish to use and select "Create and send invitation". Below, click "Add New Invitee" to add contact information for the people to whom you would like to send the gifting invitation. When you are finished, click "Next".

Step 4: Create a custom message for the holidays. When you are finished with the process, an email will go out to your selected recipient(s) containing a link they can use to contribute a gift into your beneficiary’s account.


All incentives are for Tennessee residents only. In the event more than one (1) account for any one (1) beneficiary qualifies for an incentive, the incentive amount will be applied to the first (1) of the beneficiary’s qualifying TNStars® accounts. Holiday incentive amounts are based on five percent (5%) of the total contributions to the beneficiary’s qualifying TNStars® account from November 13, 2017 to December 29, 2017. The maximum allowable incentive amount is $500 per beneficiary. Rollovers from the Tennessee BEST Prepaid Plan are ineligible to receive holiday incentives.


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