TNStars Awards $10,000 in Scholarships to Tennessee Kids


Nashville, TN – Ten kids from across the state of Tennessee have been awarded $1,000 scholarships by the TNStars® College Savings 529 Program. TNStars, a program of the Tennessee Department of Treasury, hosted the TNStars Holiday Scholarship Giveaway in December. Tennessee adults could enter the contest on behalf of a child 15 or younger.

The scholarships are awarded into a TNStars account and can be used to cover future post-secondary education expenses ranging from tuition and housing to books, computers, and more. Winners of the TNStars Holiday Scholarship Giveaway were chosen at random among over 5,500 entries after the contest closed on December 28th. The beneficiaries range in age from 1 to 13 years old.

“The Tennessee Department of Treasury created TNStars to give Tennessee families a way to plan and save for college,” said Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr. “I encourage the winners’ families to keep building on what these scholarships have started. The money contributed to a TNStars account will grow as your child grows.”

TNStars is designed to give Tennessee families high quality investment options at a low cost to help them put aside money for higher education expenses. Families can invest directly with the program and money can be withdrawn tax-free from a TNStars® account as long as it is used for qualified post-secondary education expenses.

TNStars Holiday Scholarship Giveaway winners:

Harper Royalty, age 1, Williamson Co.

Anna Stites, age 2, Putnam Co.

Arthur Janecek, age 3, Shelby Co.

Mason Lawson, age 5, Campbell Co.

Zoe Shadrick, age 5, Hamilton Co.

Emmalyn White, age 8, Montgomery Co.

Lola Matheny, age 11, Hamilton Co.

Pasley Thompson, age 11, Shelby Co.

Landon Cole, age 12, Madison Co.

Loren Chumney, age 13, Davidson Co.


Harper Royalty, Age 1

Harper lives in Williamson County. She enjoys whipping up meals in her toy kitchen, reading books and playing with her two dogs. When she grows up, she aspires to take care of children in some form or fashion,as she already loves to take care of her babydoll. Maybe she will be a pediatrician or a teacher.

Photo by Elizabeth Clements Photography


Anna Stites, Age 2

Anna lives in Putnam County. Her grandfather, Jack, entered our contest and won this TNStars Scholarship on her behalf. Anna is a bright, energetic little girl and TNStars looks forward to serving her college savings needs.


Arthur Janecek, Age 3

Arthur loves and hates trains simultaneously. He loves volcanoes, also from a distance. He loves to play with toy cars, watch animal shows, and goof off with his family. Arthur lives in Shelby County and doesn’t attend school yet, but when he grows up he currently wants to fly airplanes. The scholarship was won by his dad Christopher.


Mason Lawson, Age 5

Mason is five years old and attends kindergarten in Campbell County. He plays basketball and baseball, but enjoys most being outside. Mason has a big heart for the world and wants to be a helper when he grows up. He plans to do this by flying a medical helicopter.


Zoe Shadrick, Age 5

Zoe is a very girly girl who loves anything pink. She loves horses, unicorns, LOL dolls, and Shopkins. She is always eager for adventure. Zoe is in a Pre-K Program in Hamilton County and says her future career plans include, doctor or maybe ballerina.


Emmalyn White, Age 8

Emmalyn lives with her parents and little sister in Clarksville. She is in the 2nd grade and her favorite subjects are art, music, math, and science. When she grows up, she’d like to be an artist, a scientist, and a mom! At home, Emmalyn enjoys playing the piano, painting, and drawing. She especially loves participating in activities and serving the community alongside her Girl Scout Troop.


Lola Matheny, age 11

Lola lives in Hamilton County. She is a beautiful, caring, loving, smart, athletic young lady. Lola gives 110% in everything she does. She is competitive and always has a great attitude. Lola plays in the school band, loves softball, basketball, and soccer.

She loves helping others and is a leader in school as well as on the team sports that she plays. Lola is a fun loving, crazy, ball of fire!


Pasley Thompson, Age 11

Pasley is a 6th Grade honor student in Shelby County. She enjoys many different activities including DIY projects, photography, dancing, and technology. She has been a part of First Lego League, VEX IQ Robotics Team, Drumline/Choir, and Girls Experiencing Engineering. Pasley aspires to have a career in the STEM field. Her motto in life is “Happiness is good medicine, but sorrow is a good disease” (Proverbs 12:22).


Landon Cole, Age 12

Landon is a 12 year old from Jackson, Tennessee. His hobbies are spending time with family and friends and playing basketball. He wants to be a game developer when he grows up.


Lauren Chumley, Age 12

Loren lives in Davidson County. She enjoys reading, spending time with her friends, and listening to music especially KPOP. Loren would like a career in Music Production or Engineering.

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